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Geomatics Geoinformation/Geodata
Geomatics is a modern discipline as a combination of science, engineering, technology and application, in which spatial information (geoinformation) is systematically captured, administrated, analyzed, represented, distributed and used, using methods and tools of information technology and communication.
Geomatics is based on the disciplines of information technology, surveying and geodesy, cartography, geografic information systems (GIS), photogrammetry and remote sensing, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). It influences all spatial and geographical sciences as planning, geology and geophysics, environmental sciences. There is built up an interoperable spatial data infrastructure (SDI), which also supports important decisions in politics, government and economy.
The strategic aim of geomatics is the distributed usage of spatial data in the spatial data infrastructure.
[based on Voser 2007, p. 89, translated]